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A few of the brands that we are authorized dealers of:

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We are a proud dealer of SONOS

Not only are we a dealer of Sonos, but we have been awarded Sonos' Gold Certification due to our close partnership and deep knowledge of Sonos products. Sonos' tagline is: "ALL THE MUSIC ON EARTH. IN EVERY ROOM. WIRELESSLY." And they deliver. Sonos merges all of your music sources and lets you control them from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your iTunes library, the music living on your phone or tablet, Pandora (Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, and 18 other popular music services), Sirius/XM, 100,000 radio stations from around the world (all streamed via the web in crystal-clear sound), and even audio from your cable box, gaming system, or Blu Ray player, all from the device in your hand; all you need is a WIFI signal. This can be added to an existing stereo system or home automation system, or Sonos also has speakers that allow you to add music to any room in your home, wirelessly. No more running that long cord from your computer over to the stereo. No more having the phone plugged in across the room and having it ring through your speaker system. No more having your iPad battery go dead in the middle of the party. All the music on earth. In every room. Wirelessly. If you haven’t seen Sonos yet, you need to; It is incredible stuff, and we know it like the back of our hands.

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Services We Provide

Residential - Commercial


Home Automation

Custom home integration services for your lighting, computer, iPhone/iPad/Android, HVAC, and security needs.


New Construction

We will work directly with your general contractor to ensure a seamless integration of your systems into your new home, new addition, or build-out.



We can install almost any product into your current floor plan. We are specialists in wireless technologies that allow for hassle free retrofits, including the Sonos system.


Electronic Sales & Install

We stay current on the latest trends and can provide the newest electronics, such as the Nest learning thermostat, iPad/iPhone control systems, home automation equipment, Bluetooth streaming devices, etc.


Product Training

We can train you on all of our products and installations, so that once we leave, you will know how to tackle all of the options at your leisure. We also offer one-on-one training and technology consultation.


Pleasing You

We want to be the company that provides you with the best service in St. Louis, while having fun doing it. Pleasing you is pleasing us. We aren't finished until you are satisfied.

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